Opening to All Certified Divers starting June 6th!

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Attention Dive Guest for This Coming Weekend of 6-7 June 202
Gates will open at 8:00am for dive professionals that are teaching class
All other divers and students can enter at 9:00am

Entry fee for diving guest is $25.00 plus any credit card charges
Non-divers are allowed with diving guests only at a charge of $5.00 per person plus any credit card charges
**Remember to bring your certification card(s) or have them available digitally for proof of certification if not a student with a visiting shop

Solo Divers are allowed. Proof of certification is required. You will need to provide a dive plan to Martha’s Quarry Scuba Center staff.

Shops can write a check or can be invoiced for payment with approval from staff

Shops and private instructors: You must provide Martha’s Quarry Scuba Center with a copy of professional level insurance. The copy needs to list the following:
• Marth’s Quarry Scuba Center
• Vesta Corporation
• Stone Lake

A waiver that must be signed upon entry to the quarry, including Liability Release Waiver with COVID-19 Waiver

There will be air fills available at the quarry for $8.00
We will also have a limited number of cylinders for rental for $12, first come first served basis

We have a limited number of tables. Please bring your own Easy-Up type shade and any other set up gear you will need. We will have more amenities in the coming months.

Please visit the About Us tab for Quarry rules. Remember stay back the required distance from the edge of the quarry and no climbing the high walls.

 We are ready for you to dive! We have three 12×12 20+ foot platforms, one 14-foot wire fence platform, and one 12×12 platform in 8 feet of water for your training needs.

Look forward to seeing all that come out to the opening of the quarry this coming weekend!
Please visit our facebook page @ Martha’s Quarry SCUBA Center or call 615-274-9874 for further information and or questions!