Dive Rules

Martha’s Quarry Dive Site Information and Rules

  1. You must check in at office each day before entering the dive site.
  2. All divers must present a C-Card or be accompanied by an instructor.
  3. You must complete a liability release. (Divers and Non-Divers)
  4. No alcoholic beverages on the premises.
  5. No pets are allowed.
  6. No portable compressors or cascade systems of any type.
  7. No swimming. You may snorkel, but you must have a flotation device such as a BC or a PFD. You must have a flotation device to enter the water.
  8. No solo diving is permitted.
  9. Please keep camp fires in designated fire pits.
  10. Use only the designated entry points for your safety.
  11. Please keep the docks and walkways clear of gear.
  12. Please leave picnic tables and racks where they are located.
  13. No fishing or spear fishing will be allowed at any time.
  14. No one is allowed in restricted areas. These areas are clearly marked.
  15. Please preserve our quarry by not breaking the limbs off of the trees in the underwater forest.
  16. Bring any item you may find to our office. We do have a lost and found.
  17. All children must be under adult supervision at all times.
  18. No jumping or diving from rocks or cliffs.
  19. Must stay 10 ft from quarry cliff side.
  20. Must be 18 years of age to camp unless you are part of a class, group, or under adult supervision.
  21. Dive only during business hours and when staff is on duty.